Thank You Gifts 101: Unforgettable Tokens of Appreciation

Do you need to give a thank you gift? Words are all we have, as the saying goes, but sometimes, a gift is all that will work. Whether you need a thank you gift for them picking you up from the airport, dog sitting or just a gratitude gift for being a rock of a friend, a thank you gift at the right time is pretty special. You can probably recall some of your favourite gifts from others to say thank you to you, and we’re also betting that you aren’t thinking about the most expensive items when you look back.

Brown box presents being wrapped up with string and purple flowers.

We have a list of thank you gift ideas to make some really unforgettable memories for the recipient but our top tip before you even check your budget or Google a single thank you present is to ensure it’s really a personal gift for the recipient. 

From picking a daisy because it reminds them of you and pressing it in the pages of a poetry book from a charity shop for your most delicate friend or getting rugby tickets for your ruck-mad uncle, the perfect gift is going to be different for everyone. (Hopefully, your recipient doesn’t have too much of a taste for the finer things in life!) 

That being said, there are some ‘likely to love’ gifts that we think are a great starting point for almost everyone. 

List of Thank You Gifts:

Personalised Gifts

Let’s start simple. A great thank you gift is something that’s kept for many years, a treasure, a memory, a capsule of a time. When we say personalised gifts, your mind might leap to a chintzy ‘special sister’ wine glass or a naff looking frame from a card shop. There are millions of other options to consider first! Have a look at these thank you gift ideas.

Th back of a watch mid construction.
Customised Toblerone package with the message 'Thank you for giving me all my best edges'.

Eco-conscious Treats 

We all want to make the right choice for our planet, but an eco gift doesn’t mean you have to give someone a sack of chickpeas and some health shop toothpaste. These treats are still delightful but aren’t adding to the landfill. 

Haute Florist bouquet of white roses and lilies in a glass vase.

Gifts that seem more expensive than they are: 

Aerial shot of country views seen on a helicopter ride experience.
Blue tit eating out of a ceramic bird feeder.

The best ever thank you gift? 

We’re going to hop off the fence and say in our opinion, when it comes to a great thank you gift, a Collection Pot is hard to beat. 

Perhaps someone has made a significant difference in your community, has been a great teacher, or has touched the lives of many. If so, a group collection made with Collection Pot allows you all to contribute towards a Pot of funds that they can exchange for a gift card or to cash out into their bank account. 

Got someone in mind? Why not create an online thank you Pot that shows just how awesome they are? 

With Collection Pot it’s 100% free to do so, and so easy!

Elaine Keep

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