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Do I need to create an account to contribute to a Pot?

Is the amount I contribute visible?

Is there a card processing fee?

Why am I asked to add a top-up to my contribution?

Can I edit my message?


What can be customised on my Collection Pot?

What the difference between a Standard Pot and a Set Amount Pot?

What does it cost to create a Pot?

Will the recipient know I have set up a Pot for them?

What is a Collection Pot?

Will my Pot appear in search engines?

Can I close a Pot early?

Can I extend a Pot's closing date?

What is a Gift Card Only Pot?

Does it matter what country I set the Pot up in?

Can I amend who the Pot goes to?


Where can I spend a Collection Pot?

Can I split the balance?

How long do I have to spend my Pot?

How does Collection Pot store my personal data?

Can I withdraw a Pot to my bank account?

How do I access my purchased gift cards?

Still Need Help?
Still Need Help?

We’re happy to help with whatever questions you have. It is always worth checking our FAQ’s first as you may find the answer there.

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What is Collection Pot?

Collection Pot is a platform that allows you to create a fundraising page for any cause. Whether you’re raising money for a birthday, wedding, or a cause close to your heart, Collection Pot makes it easy to collect donations from friends and family.

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