35+ Maternity Leave Wishes & Messages To Brighten The Moment

Need to write some wishes for maternity leave but falling at the very first drafts when putting pen to paper? We know getting this right for a colleague might be harder for you than you think and even harder if you don’t know them that well.

What do you say in a mat leave card message and how can you send them off with a positive sentiment that isn’t just jotting down ‘happy maternity leave?’ This is a really popular Collection Pot to make and one we really love to see. With gifs of bouncing babies, the ‘Mean Girls’ cool mom meme and other celebratory touches, we all like writing a maternity leave card or virtual card. Whereas a retirement message can feel a bit downbeat, what could be better than a whole new chapter of life we all understand?

That being said, we know some people don’t get babies. What do they do? Will a parent actually be happy about being woken 6 times a night? How do you convey happiness when you yourself are baffled? Dear reader, we’ve been there. We can help you give best wishes for maternity leave.

Husband and pregnant wife opening new gifts on a sofa.

Why it’s important to send your wishes of positivity

You might be wondering what the point of giving best wishes for maternity leave is. 

Surely, they’ll be back before they know it (a little frazzled around the edges, but still, back). As well as being really nice manners, maternity leave wishes are something that can actually boost the mood of the mum-to-be. If they choose to take a few days before the baby arrives to sit and just wait it out, those messages can be really heartening. Being pregnant is uncomfortable, giving birth is famously no picnic, so those messages can really help. It’s also very easy to feel sad about a life chapter ending. The mum might have fought tooth and nail for a position, a salary or status and now is changing that. The feeling that the company is actively happy for her is a great message to go away with. But we can do better than ‘happy maternity leave!’

On the more cynical side of business, retraining and rehiring costs a lot of money. If you can ensure that (when she’s ready) she comes back to work, and that she doesn’t feel any doors are permanently shut while she takes the time she needs, this can be really positive for your bottom line. 

35+ Maternity Leave Wishes 

Get writing in the mat leave card or on the Collection Pot wall. We’ve rounded up the best wishes for maternity leave colleagues heading off for their new chapter. 

Messages for a close colleague 

  1. Dear NAME, my parents said the first 18 years were the hardest. But we know time flies! Stay strong and collect the beautiful moments. Wishing you all the very best for your new chapter. 
  2. NAME, sending you warm wishes as you embrace this beautiful phase of life. May the arrival of your little one be filled with love and precious moments.
  3. NAME, I can’t believe you’re having a baby! Feels like yesterday you were too young! Wishing you all the happiness in the world. 
  4. NAME, at COMPANY NAME we are all so excited for you. Wishing you and your family all the best and can’t wait to see photos! 
  5. NAME, this is such an exciting time for you both. It’s a great time to focus on the 3 of you and create loving memories, everything else can wait. Looking forward to meeting your bundle of joy, at COMPANY NAME we are always here for you.
  6. NAME, I was thrilled to hear you are expecting. Hope you have a wonderful maternity leave (if they arrive on time!) and that you can bring in your bundle of joy for big cuddles soon. 
  7. Wishing you a wonderful start of your brand new chapter. You deserve all the happiness in the world and I know you will take to motherhood like you do at work, perfect efficiency (some shouting!) but with very happy clients and stakeholders!
  8. I can’t wait to meet your new arrival. You are going to be an incredible mum.
  9. You’ve prepared the essentials, done all the classes and read all the books, now is the time to relax and enjoy the special moments. Enjoy it all!
  10. Not long now until you get to meet the little one who’s caused all that swelling, heartburn and cravings! Life won’t be the same again, and you are in for an incredible adventure at every stage. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, even without sleep. Good luck!
Mother smiling and newborn baby.

Messages from fellow parents 

  1. This is such a special and exciting time for you and your partner, NAME. 
  2. NAME, I’m so super happy you’re growing your wonderful family. You are in for a wonderful adventure. Sending you much love for this magical chapter. 
  3. I feel a little jealous of those memories and special times you are about to create as a new family together – my “babies” have grown up in the blink of an eye but I still feel like it was only yesterday.  Treasure each moment!
  4. NAME, you will be an amazing mummy. My only advice is to enjoy every cuddle, leave the housework – it can wait, and just have the best time making special and precious memories.
  5. Before I became a parent, I didn’t know I could ruin someone’s day by asking them to put pants on. Wishing you a safe and healthy arrival of a little one, and I can’t wait to hear all about your new adventure.
  6. All the best to you on this journey, ‘life’ really starts now in many ways, with lots of fun to be had and memories to be made. Don’t blink, as they grow up so quick! 
  7. NAME, please use the funds to buy something nice for yourself as a pat on the back for smashing motherhood, which I know you will! (Baby will get plenty of treats, mummy needs wine!) Make sure you don’t think about work at all, take all the cute photos, try and enjoy every moment (realise that’s impossible) and know the tricky times are over way sooner than you think. Can’t wait to hear all about it! 
  8. NAME, it’s the start of a great chapter, and there is so much to enjoy. Hope this Collection Pot can be used to help you nest, prepare for a baby, or perhaps to spoil yourselves a few months down the line or even when they start to toddle! (Back breaking, may I recommend a spa?!) Best wishes
  9. What fantastic news. I am thrilled for you and hope that the baby arrives safe and well. I also hope you can enjoy as much time as you need with little one, enjoying the buzz of baby classes, learning the best drive thru coffee hotspots and taking on a whole new workload outside of COMPANY NAME!
  10. I don’t have any advice for you. I am afraid apart from enjoying every moment! It can be so hard to take it all in, but it goes so fast. 
  11. My only memory from the early baby days is that you can get by on a lot less sleep than you need, and you remember even the hard times fondly. You might be a little nervous about what lies ahead, but it is truly amazing. Wishing you the very best. 
  12. The adventure begins, and it starts whether you are ready or not! I hope you have a fantastic birth, remember that it’s always darkest before the dawn, and what’s ahead is so bright and wonderful. It’s epic news and we are so happy for you at COMPANY NAME. 
  13. There is so much fun ahead; you can’t help but enjoy the adventure. Take care and see you soon. 
  14. NAME, I hope you can take all the time you need to enjoy the simple and great pleasures of having a child. Sometimes it doesn’t feel magical, so I always remember “this too shall pass!” Sending lots of love and well wishes. 
  15. Please reach out if you need anything. I remember leaning on my colleagues too in dark times, and I am always here for a chat or to rock the little one to sleep! I’m making it sound tricky when in fact, this might be the best time of your life. It was certainly the case for me! Sending lots of love to you and your family. 
Mother kissing a happy, smiling baby.

Simple messages for colleagues 

  1. You are on the brink of the greatest challenge with the biggest rewards yet (yes, even more than that website overhaul project!) Sending all my love to you and your family. 
  2. Praying for a safe and healthy arrival of your new baby, and all the blessings to you and your family. 
  3. Best of luck NAME, wishing you a healthy and safe delivery and hoping you get a sleeper!
  4. I’m kind of jealous you get a few months off work at COMPANY NAME, but I’m not sure I could deal with the lack of sleep! I know that you are going to smash motherhood and if anyone can handle it, it’s you! We miss you already!
  5. Sending love and best wishes for you and your family on your soon to be new arrival. Please enjoy the collection and spend on making splendid memories together. 
  6. NAME, I can’t believe the time has come to send you off on maternity leave! Wishing you a fantastic break (I know it’s not really a break!) and I hope you can stay in touch. We are all rooting for your safe and healthy brith. 
  7. Congratulations in advance for the arrival of your new baby. I hope you can spend the Collection Pot on some essentials or treats for yourself, as I am sure your house will soon be filled with vests and bibs and bottles! See you soon. 
  8. NAME, I was delighted to hear you are adding to your family but you will be very missed at COMPANY NAME. That being said, don’t think of us at all! 
  9. Hoping you get a sleeper! All the best of luck and warm wishes to you and your family. 
  10. Project Baby is launching. Deadline in just a few days. Hope you are prepared and all the stakeholders are ready for celebration (champers on ice?) All the best.
  11. Your maternity leave has come round in record time! I’m sure the process has felt a little longer for you! Wishing you a safe and healthy birth. Warm wishes and happiness from all of us at COMPANY NAME. 
  12. Sending you all our love for the safe arrival of your new baby. Stay in touch! 

The modern way to give maternity wishes

Do you have someone heading off on maternity leave soon? We hope you now feel you can send them off with the right wishes for maternity leave. 

Now is the perfect time to set up a Collection Pot as a workplace collection that they can treasure. A great Collection Pot filled with messages can really boost their mood, show you care and raise team morale. Plus, it’s FREE to set up! Get started today.

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