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Creating a Pot


There are no additional fees or platform charges.

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Spending a Pot


You can choose between gift vouchers or transfer the funds to a bank account using a Visa or Mastercard debit card.

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Transaction Processing Fee

1.9% + 20p

Simple and clear transactions

A transaction processing fee of 1.9% + 20p is applied to each contribution made to a Pot. This fee covers the cost of processing payments through third-party providers, safeguarding our services from fraudulent activity, and maintaining the security of Pots.
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Postcard Image

Easy and quick top-ups

We allow contributors to add an optional extra amount, called a "top-up", to their contribution. Not only does this cover the transaction processing fee, ensuring that the full intended amount is added to the Pot, but it helps support our mission of celebrating the individuals and stories behind each Collection Pot.

How do we use the top-up:

Here to help
A dedicated customer support team who are always on hand.
Always free
Creating and spending Pots is always free - we don't think anyone receiving a gift should pay.
Easy as 1,2,3
Exciting new platform features, making group gift collections a breeze.
Safe and secure
Rock-solid security systems and payment protection that lets you focus on what really matters - getting those last few contributions in!

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What is Collection Pot?

Collection Pot is a platform that allows you to create a fundraising page for any cause. Whether you’re raising money for a birthday, wedding, or a cause close to your heart, Collection Pot makes it easy to collect donations from friends and family.

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